The Port Klang Free Trade Zone, Regional Logistics Hub, Selangor Halal Hub and relocation of the Royal Malaysian Selangor Customs will boost Westports' standing and efficiency

Over the last decade, Westports Malaysia has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the leading ports in the region.

By spearheading the Government's efforts to turn Port Klang into a major load centre and hub for the region, Westports has revolutionised the national port industry with its world class facilities and services, as well as its foresight in being a supply driven port.

So, what is in store for Westports in its next decade?

Westports will continue to grow and achieve success, not only through the expansion of its infrastructure and the upgrading of its facilities and services, but also through the development that is taking shape adjacent to the port.

In the pipeline are the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), shipping firm MISC Bhd's Regional Logistics Hub (RLH), the Selangor Halal Hub, and the recent relocation of the Royal Malaysian Selangor Customs headquarters.

The establishment of these multi million ringgit projects within the vicinity of Westports will create an economic stimulus from industries that will set up especially in the free zones, and this in turn will be a boon for the growth of the port.

The fast movement of goods is an important factor in helping to realise business success. Having a port like Westports that is recognised by the industry for its fast turnaround time and high productivity rate will be an advantage for free zones such as PKFZ and RLH.

Westports' large docking facility wM bring transport costs down as it can accept vessels of higher tonnage. Westports can berth vessels up to 14,000 TEUs (20 foot equivalent units).

In addition to its sound infrastructure, state of the art information technology (IT) and comprehensive sea connectivity, Westports has extensive road and rail linkages from Pulau Indab that extends to all parts of Peninsular Malaysia

Malaysia Free trade zone
Malaysia Free Trade Zone

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Westport's Zero Poverty Programme in Pulau Indah' aims to better the life of residents living around the port.

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