The Port Klang Free Trade Zone, Regional Logistics Hub, Selangor Halal Hub and relocation of the Royal Malaysian Selangor Customs will boost Westports' standing and efficiency

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Selangor Halal Hub

Envisaging a global trade boom in halal products, the Malaysian Government has been proactive in embarking on promoting the country as a centre for the manufacturing and exporting of halal products. In 2004, it set aside RM10 million for small- and medium-sized industries to venture into the halal businesses.

Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Central Spectrum Sdn Bhd, has been given the responsibility of developing the Selangor Halal flub.

Poised to be a regional centre for the halal product industry, the 60ha Selangor Halal Hub is designated for hi-tech factories to produce, manufacture and process halal products for Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

As it is spearheaded by the investment arm of the Selangor State Goverinnent, one of the biggest benefits of the hub is the fast tracking of approvals for foreign and local investors located within the zone.

Government authorities such as JAKIM, JAIS, SIRIM and MOH will help investors in obtaining global Halal Status and also boost the implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Veterinary Inspection NO and ISO.

One of the most prominent developments within the hub will be Felda's processing plant to produce palm oil -based goods.

Covering more than 40ha, the processing plant will be developed during the second phase of the project.

The first phase of the gub has attracted local and foreign companies, among which include Ramly Burger, Golden Pamolia Sdn Bhd, Cahaya Maju Jaya and Yayasan Dakwah Islan-tiah Malaysia .

The hub's proximity to ports such as Westports has indeed become a major factor in attracting and encouraging many investors to set up their'base there.

With the overwhelming response it has received thus far, the Selangor State Government is planning to invest up to RM4 billion over the next eight years to develop another 120ha that has been allocated for the extension of the hub.


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